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Sophie Lemire

Sophie Lemire

Sophie Lemire

Barre, Pilates, Reformer Instructor

sophie lemire aleenta health club team bio


giggly | creative | enthusiastic

With 10 years of ballet training, Sophie has a deep understanding of the body and alignment that shines in her Pilates teaching. 

Her top priority is to create a friendly and welcoming environment for clients to explore their Pilates practice. 

Sophie is a sucker for a good glute and tricep focus, but enjoys planning balanced classes so her clients feel aligned and strong throughout their whole body. She invests in herself to become a better instructor, exploring different movement modalities, traveling, and furthering her education.

Building and being part of a supportive community is also very important to Sophie, who values creating meaningful connections with clients and fellow instructors.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of her work is witnessing clients make progress – it brings her great joy to see how Pilates can empower individuals to feel more confident and capable in their bodies.

Sophie is best known for "ouchies" – a fiery glute burn and asking what you're having for tea mid-class.

Outside the studio, you'll find Sophie walking her beautiful Golden Retriever, buying yummy snacks at the House of Health, planning her next travel destination, doing Pilates and yoga classes to learn from other instructors, and spending quality time with her inner circle.

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