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Bec Fletcher

Bec Fletcher

Bec Fletcher

Barre, Pilates, Reformer Instructor

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cool | calm | zen
Bec’s our graceful queen of technique. Her calm, soothing energy and warm words will have you feeling extra good during and after class.
With a strong focus on technique and form, Bec will support you, in the best way possible, to improve your practice and get more out of each exercise. Whether you’re in her Mat Pilates, Barre, Fitness or Reformer Pilates classes, you’ll feel fully supported in body and mind.
Bec is a professional contemporary dancer, however, she is always pinned as a Ballerina because of her long limbs, posture and graceful movements. Oh! And she's a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist to boot. She’s always happy to give advice on how to relieve tension points or support injuries with massage. If you’re keen to learn some of her release tips and trick, we recommend checking out her Stretch & Release classes.
She's best known for clear verbal cues throughout her classes. Clients say they can do her classes with their eyes closed!
When she's not teaching, Bec's either at the gym, chasing the sun to go hiking or working with her partner at his cold pressed juice company.
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