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Tips on pushing past a workout plateau

Tips on pushing past a workout plateau - Aleenta BARRE

I can guarantee that at some point after months and months of sticking to a solid workout routine you have felt a little bored with the consistency. Humans crave routine and are creatures of habit. Although that is a wonderful attribute to have and ultimately, it’s what we need to achieve our goals. It can also backfire on our achievements resulting in getting stagnant and restless.

So, if you’re currently in a bit of a rut with your workout routine here are a few tips that will help relight the fire.

Really listening to your body

We will always find ourselves taking the path of least resistance. We subconsciously choose the quickest and easiest way to achieve an end goal. Don’t feel bad, it’s natural >>

That’s why you need to really tune in to your body. Especially in class. If you are a hard-core Barre BURN lover, say, it’s the only class you do. Then it’s possible that by week 3 of the routines you’ve hit a ‘comfort zone’ and it becomes hard for you to push yourself in class.

We may find ourselves relying on muscle memory and ultimately means that over the course of the month you will find the routine easier and easier BUT it’s at this point you need to tune in and say to yourself “Can I go that bit lower here?” “Can I hold that grand plié on rise?” “Am I taking the most advanced option and am I giving it 110%?”

If you are one to struggle a bit with self-motivation, talk to the Tender before class to help you, get them to make sure you are taking the harder options during class. You could always ask to have an extra set of 1kg weights (if any are spare) in order to push yourself.

Mix it up!

By getting to a class style that you have never done before. Although having a routine is great, every now and then you should break it up and give the body and the mind a shock. Giving yourself a new challenge to attempt will revive your energy. Not only that it will snap your body out of any plateau (especially if your goals are currently weight loss).

YOGA Barre lover --> do a Barre F.I.T

Often go to Barre BURN --> do a Mat Pilates

Choosing an opposing form of exercise is such a great way to challenge your brain as well as your body.

Set yourself a challenge

Small achievable goals are a sure-fire way to make sure you aren’t stuck in a rut. Every month you could set yourself a mini challenge i.e:

  • Always attempt pushups on your toes.
  • Whenever I think I can’t do anymore, I will always try to do one last rep.
  • I’m going to add an extra class to my schedule.
  • Go to another Aleenta BARRE location (if you can)
  • Use two sets of 1kg weights during the arms section.
  • I’m going to hold the 1kg weights during the quad sections.

On the plus side, here at Aleenta BARRE we run 4 challenges a year and is a great way to break up your workouts. Look out for any challenges, sign yourself up and push. Your. Toosh.

We make every effort in order for you to not get ‘bleh’; the Tender team are amazing at helping and motivating you and tough routines are designed every month so, you have a limited time to challenge yourself before we mix it up!

Maybe next time you’re in class think to yourself:

“I only have 4 weeks to work up to doing this class using all the advanced options.”

This could be the perfect ‘ultimate goal’ and motivator for you every month.

See you at the barre!

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