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Tender Spotlight: Jenny

Tender Spotlight: Jenny
Another Glenelg Yogi in the Aleenta Club, Jenny has been bringing her nurturing classes to our studio for 4+ years. Jenny completed her teacher training in 2014, and has her certification in her current passion: Yin Yoga. If you're looking for a bit of self-care, and want to leave each class feeling physically and mentally better than when you walked in, then Jenny is the Tender for you. Her classes are for every level, every body type and everyone who is ready.


Whilst she may be a Yogi, Jenny loves all the fitness styles we have to offer at Aleenta Health Club! She believes that our bodies are designed to enjoy movement in all forms, and uses this as the foundation for her teaching. Here's Jenny's favourite quote to live by, both in and out of the studio:


"Repetition is the mother of skill." - Tony Robbins


We couldn't agree more with this one; after all, practice makes permanent!



In addition to fitness, Jenny is a woman of many talents and hobbies, including nature (she's an amazing plant mum!), art and travelling. Some of her biggest inspirations include great artists, architects, designers, and above all, the places she has visited. 


"Travel inspires me, it inspires me to cook, learn about different cultures... I embrace adventure and meeting new people."


Her favourite country to visit for a holiday is Thailand, and she is a big lover of Thai food. Travel plays a much larger part in her life than just a vacay though, as Jenny originally immigrated from South Africa, and is immensely proud of the family and home she has built here in Australia. What an incredible woman! The next time you're in Jenny's class, don't miss the opportunity to pick her brain about her life of travelling and meeting new people... she may even tell you the story of how she met Nelson Mandela!



Jenny loves how a simple breath and movement practice can make a real difference to how you feel in your body. She has personally witnessed the benefits of strength, stability, mobility and flexibility of both body and mind and is excited to pass this on to you through her classes! Here's what Glenelg clients have to say about Jenny:


"My fav tender is Jenny. I've never been a big fan of yoga but her Foundations class has converted me. I feel she focuses on nurturing the body and mind and her voice is so soothing." - Trudy S


"Jenny creates an environment that is like an in-studio sanctuary, with attention to sound, light, temperature and aromatics. This means each class offers you a mini-retreat for an hour or so!" - Sally W


“Jenny’s Yoga Classes help restore our tired bodies and minds... [I] always feel refreshed and well balanced after Yoga with Jenny.“ - Gaynor R


Come see the magic unfold on the mat with Jenny on Monday and Thursday mornings, and Tuesday and Wednesday nights.
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