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Tender Spotlight: Ellie

Tender Spotlight: Ellie
Client turned instructor, Ellie has been a long-time member of the Aleenta family on both sides! After attending classes for almost 2 years, she loved the style and tenders so much she decided to join the crew ❤️ Ellie is our Reformer Pilates guru and has been teaching for over 15 years, gathering several qualifications during her time in the fitness and health industry, including:


✅ Bachelor of Physiotherapy
✅ Diploma of Professional Pilates Practice (specialising in rehabilitation)
✅ Barre Instructor Certification

With further professional development and studies in:

✅ Pre and Postnatal Physiotherapy
✅ Menopause
✅ Osteoporosis
✅ Pelvic Floor Management


Ellie is now a head instructor at Aleenta, designing the Barre classes you know and love!




Ellie loves the fact that exercise really is medicine for the body and mind, with benefits ranging from improved cognition, reduced risk of anxiety and depression, increased health of bones, muscles, joints and tendons to prevention of chronic conditions such as diabetes, improved cardiovascular health, and a longer life expectancy! On top of the science, she also just loves how exercise makes her feel. Clients love her because:


“I love Ellie's classes because they are always challenging and I can feel myself getting stronger each week. Ellie is such a positive and encouraging person; she makes each and every class enjoyable.” - Jo H


“She is very thoughtful, sweet and accommodating and she is a great communicator. Ellie gets the best out of me every class. I want to give 100% every time and I am starting to see the benefits of the reformer classes." - Wendy F



Outside of Aleenta, Ellie continues to work with older adults in rehabilitation to return back home after illness, surgery or injury. She finds it all very rewarding! And despite rocking the Barre and Reformer, she is terrible at sport 😂 but still enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and rock climbing 💪


You can join Ellie for a Reformer Pilates class at our Mawson Lakes studio.
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