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Out The Mouth Of Barre Babes #3

Out The Mouth Of Barre Babes #3 - Aleenta BARRE

Why did you come to Aleenta? "I wanted to find a way to strengthen some of my muscle areas. I really enjoy surfing so, I wanted to improve on a few core areas, my stomach, my ankles in particular and I'm really uncoordinated. So, I really wanted to learn it in a fun new dance-y sort of way."

What results have you seen from coming to Aleenta? "I've really noticed and happy to say that my core strength has really improved, still a little bit to go with my ankles and wrists but I am finding that they're really starting to strengthen up, which is great."

Balance and core strength are integral to daily wellbeing, even more so if you find a sport that you love and want to improve quickly. With classes like Pilates and barre you will be able to progressively strengthen your core and find balance by improving strength in weaker joints.  GET A 7-DAY INTRO OFFER

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