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Out The Mouth Of Barre Babes #1

Out The Mouth Of Barre Babes #1 - Aleenta BARRE


We have so many fantastic, strong, loyal, genuine and kind clients come though the doors at Aleenta BARRE. To celebrate the wonderful people that make us the best place to feel good, we sat down and had a chat to find out our clients stories and 'why' they chose Aleenta BARRE to be their happy place. 

Why did you come to Aleenta? "I came to Aleenta to meet some new people and to get stronger and fitter. Since I came to Aleenta I am so much stronger and the things that I can do with my body are just through the roof. The results that I've found from coming to Aleenta are the strength that I have in my body and the things that I can now do, that I couldn't do before."

What do you love most about Aleenta? "My favourite thing about this studio is the group of people that I've met!"

If you want to meet a community of like minded and kind women and not already apart of the Aleenta BARRE fam, try out some classes at your local studio and meet our fabulous team! GET A 7-DAY INTRO OFFER


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