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10 Surprising Celebrities who LOVE to Practice Yoga!

10 Surprising Celebrities who LOVE to Practice Yoga!

Yoga has been loved and practiced by millions of people all around the world for centuries. Ever wonder if your fav celebs have given it a try? Here’s 10 celebrities who have practiced, and/or swear by the philosophy of Yoga:


1. Miranda Kerr

We all know Miranda Kerr as the supermodel face of Australia, but did you know she’s also a lover of natural and organic living? Before pursuing her modelling career, Kerr actually studied Nutrition and Health Psychology at the Academy of Natural Living in Australia. Part of her health routine also includes daily Yoga; Kerr has practiced a mix of Hatha and Kundalini Yoga for over 20 years! 

“Even if I just find 10 minutes to do a few sun salutations, that helps me to re-energise and stay balanced,” she says. “Hatha yoga has lots of restorative postures, like inversions, which are good to do post-flight. Kundalini works on a more energetic level. With kundalini you can use different types of breaths, like the ‘Breath of Fire’, to awaken the body.”



2. Prince Harry

Yep, you read that right… THE Prince Harry took up Yoga after meeting his now-wife (and lover of yoga) Meghan Markle! It’s no surprise considering Markle’s own mother is a yoga instructor.

3. Rosa Parks

While she is no longer with us today, Rosa Parks was a trailblazer of her time. We all know her as the woman who fiercely refused to sit at the back of the bus at the beginning of the American Civil Rights movement, but what many don’t know is that Parks became an avid Yogi in her later years. She began practicing in 1965 with her nieces and nephews, and continued for three decades!

Rosa Parks Practiced Yoga—This Is Why That's Important.


4. Britney Spears

Ooh baby, baby! This pop icon has been practicing Yoga for over a decade, often sharing poses to her Instagram and even posting one new pose a day during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Yoga helps with flexibility and toning, but it also helps my mind stay healthy. I love it because it really relaxes me and helps with my peace of mind.”




5. Jonathan Van Ness

Not only is the Queer-Eye star a lover of Yoga, but they are an instructor too! You can join them for a class on the free app FitOn, which features several celebrity instructors.



6. Naomi Watts

Another Aussie icon, Watts has actually revealed that she considered becoming a Yoga instructor before her acting career really took off. Now 54, the actor has tuned to more low-impact forms of exercise, and particularly enjoys transcendental meditation which involves repeating certain mantras to achieve a state of ‘pure awareness.’

“I try to keep it consistent. It 100 percent always makes me feel better.”


Naomi Watts

7. Jessica Alba

Alba is well-known for posting her workouts to social media, which often includes HIIT and Pilates. The actor has also shared videos of her restorative yoga flows, and particularly uses the meditation aspect of Yoga to manage her stress.


Jessica Alba tries out tricky yoga moves for new ad campaign | Daily ...


8. Chris Hemsworth


The God of Thunder doesn’t just love to lift weights! Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth often enjoys practicing Yoga on the beach before a surf, and has even taught his daughter a few moves. There are also meditations included on his own health and wellness app, Centr.


15 Famous Men Who Do Yoga - YOGA PRACTICE


9. Charlize Theron

The South African/American actor dabbles in pretty much every form of exercise, from traditional strength training to spin and even tennis! Her weekly routine includes two 90-minute power yoga sessions, a style that flows swiftly between postures in order to work up a sweat.

CHARLIZE THERON Heading to Yoga Class in Los Angeles08/23/2015 – HawtCelebs


10. Halle Berry



“Though I've been working with my energy for years, this work feels especially relevant and important right now. The current state of our country—and the world—makes it very easy to feel afraid, lost, and depressed. One of the most helpful stress-releasing practices for me is yoga.”


The actor, director and producer has been sharing her workout routine since 2018, even creating her own fitness brand. Of Yoga, she continues to say:


“To me, it's a physical form of meditation that allows me to move negative energy out of my body. Whatever type of yoga I practice, focusing on my breath and really feeling my body as I flow through and hold poses really centres me. It's like the stress just lifts right out of me. I try to do yoga at least three times a week—even if just for 15 minutes or so.”


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