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10 Surprising Celebrities who LOVE a Barre Workout!

10 Surprising Celebrities who LOVE a Barre Workout!

Barre has become exceedingly popular in the 21st century, and we aren’t the only ones who swear by it! Here’s 10 celebrities who have tried, and/or swear by the ballet-based fusion fitness:

1. Barbra Streisand 

This is one you won’t see in many other lists, which is strange considering she was an original client of Lotte Berk. Who is Berk you ask? Only the creator of barre herself!

Barbra Streisand Daily Routine - Celebrity Daily Routine

Streisand, now 78, has admitted that exercise in general isn't her favourite, after dabbling with aerobics, Pilates and more over her career. So, you likely won't see her at the barre anytime soon!

2. Madonna


- Madonna, ‘American Life’

Well barre is no exception to Madonna’s fitness routine! The pop mega-star hired the founder of barre3 in the US to provide her with private lessons.

Madonna picks barre3 by Sadie Lincoln. Which barre workout is right for ...


3. Natalie Portman

Portman famously began doing barre workouts in preparation for her critically acclaimed role in Black Swan, in addition to a killer daily workout routine that included daily runs and weight training! Her go-to barre moves include bridge lifts, donkey kicks on all 4’s and reverse planks.

Black Swan behind the scenes - Natalie Portman Photo (19368300) - Fanpop


4. Mindy Kaling

Kaling swears by barre as her #1 fitness style. The actress, writer and producer previously attended Pop Physique in the US, and of the workout says:

“If I could do one workout for the rest of my life, it would be a two to three mile run followed by a Pop Physique class…Pop makes me feel flexible and strong. It is super hard and uses many ballet moves.”

We couldn’t agree more!

Stars Who Barre and the Studios They Love


5. Karlie Kloss

    Model Karlie Kloss attends AKT classes which are popular among celebrities in the US. A modernised version of barre that also incorporates HIIT, dance cardio, yoga and Pilates (not too dissimilar to what we do at the Aleenta Club!), Kloss turned to the workout to keep herself fit once her metabolism began slowing down. Kloss is also partial to the Pilates Reformer machine!

    The Supermodel Body Secrets of Karlie Kloss - Savoir Flair


    6. Brie Larson

      Larson is famous for her crazy workout posts on Instagram, from heavy weightlifting to one arm pull-ups. But did you know the actress is also a big fan of barre?


      Larson is a big believer in foundational fitness that teaches you how to first get connected to your body and understand how to move correctly before working up to the more ‘impressive’ exercises. We love barre for that same reason!

      7. Ellie Kemper 

      The actress, who co-starred with fellow barre-lover Mindy Kaling on The Office US, famously taught Ellen DeGeneres some barre moves! 


      Of the workout, Kemper says:

      “It’s a totally different kind of exercise, and especially for toning and strengthening.”

      8. Stephanie Beatriz

      We love this one, because not only has Beatriz taken barre, she used to be an instructor too! The singer-actress, known for her roles in Brooklyn Nine Nine and Encanto, continues to attend barre and yoga classes in her 40’s.

      Stephanie Beatriz's Feet

      9. Zooey Deschanel

      Deschanel is an advocate for using fitness to enhance your health rather than to solely maintain a thin figure. The singer-actress prefers to do what she loves, which includes tap dancing, and of course, barre!

      Lainey Gossip Entertainment Update|Smutty Fitness: Delayed Onset Muscle ...


      10. Selena Gomez

        The singer, actress and producer has posted glimpses of her barre workout on her social media, which she does from the comfort of her own home! Of the workout, Gomez says:

        "I do weights inside the house, definitely embarrassingly watch the YouTube videos where I'm trying to do what the woman is telling me to do, but she looks so glamorous doing it."

        What we especially love about this is that it proves how accessible barre is; Gomez has been open about her struggle with Lupus, even having a kidney transplant back in 2017. 

        "I do a lot of walks because that's all I feel like I can do,"

        She says, however, she clearly loves a good barre workout too!


        Feeling great…but also 😅

        ♬ swing lynn - lovdfilmz


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