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#1 Aleenta BARRE Star Emily Zegar on her two loves - barre and wine...

Emily Zegar tied with Stacey Bright as the #1 attendee of barre classes at Aleenta BARRE in 2015. Hailing from Oregon in the USA, Emily combines her love of Wine (yes she is studying a Masters of Business in Wine) with her love of Barre!  Read here to learn what drives our #1 barre star...

Give us a quick rundown on Emily...where from, what drives you, extra-curricular activities/hobbies?
​I'm Emily and I'm from the beautiful and green state of Oregon in the USA. I'm nearly a quarter of a century, just 24 and am a positive, motivated and energetic gal who loves running and being outdoors. I have been living in Adelaide for the past year for my postgraduate studies in a Master of Business Wine...yes, you heard that right - business wine! Prior to moving to Australia I was working in the Oregon wine industry doing sales and marketing for one of the founding Oregon wineries (yes, wine is made in other states than just California!) I am driven by my desire to learn new things, meet new people and to travel.

What brought you to Aleenta BARRE?
My whole life I have been a distance runner, and exercise tools other than my running shoes weren't introduced to me until I was racing at the collegiate level during my undergrad - and that was just weights and pool workouts. After College (same as what Aussies call Uni) I started doing more weights and spin classes, and I had some friends going to barre. I never gave it a go back home, despite their positive feedback, so when I was finding my way around on Rundle Street back in February and passed the studio, I thought I would give it a try - and I'm so glad I did!

What drives you to attend classes?
Simple. I love staying fit, challenging myself and finessing my barre abilities - I am motivated by my ability to always improve at barre classes.

What results have you seen with Aleenta BARRE?
I am happy with how my body has taken to barre! I am the most toned I've been, and even have a bit of a booty now (something I've never seen as a slim distance runner!) I find I have better posture and balance as well.

What are your top 3 tips for getting the most out of Barre classes?
1. Mentally prepare, even if for just a minute before class, about what you want to get out of it.
2. Never say never. Don't think to yourself or say 'I can't' because you can always hold those little pink weights until the time is up!
3. Smile! Barre is fun - what a cool way to exercise and stay fit.

What do you like best about Aleenta BARRE?
 I love the atmosphere at Aleenta - there are a lot of driven individuals and it's an empowering environment. I really enjoy those who I've been in classes with time and time again - I feel like I'm part of a workout posse!

Quick questions:
Fave activewear brand? I'm the worst when it comes to active wear brands...I will wear whatever is comfortable and works well. But being from Oregon I feel inclined to say Nike (that's where it was established for those of you who didn't know!)
Activewear as everyday wear? Not for me. I express myself through what I wear, and while I'm an active person I love all of my vintage dresses more than my spandex!
Fave studio? Rundle Street
If I was not at barre, I would be... If it was not barre I would be... 1. Running, 2. Studying about wine (maybe a little tasting, too!), 3. Backpacking/hiking

If you're a fan of wine or hiking, next time you're in class with me come say hi! I would love to see more of South Australia, and whether that's in a cellar door or on the trail, I'll be a happy camper.

Thanks Emily - we are sure you will get some takers x

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