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Nicole Yap

Nicole Yap

Pilates, Reformer Instructor


energetic | (very) millenial | sociable

Nicole is our sparkly Community Coordinator at Bourke St, Melbourne CBD.

Her teaching style is dynamic with lots of spice, and plenty of chats about food in class! Known by clients as the "smiling assassin who gives you a false sense of security" – do with that information what you will! Nicole's energetic and cheeky personality comes out in class as she loves banter and will never stop talking about Taylor Swift or her favourite Italian spots in the CBD. She's terrible at counting backwards from 10 like any other instructor, and will smile at you while you're silently suffering.

A lover movement, Nicole has been doing Pilates for the past 7 years and teaching for 2.5 years. She loves the feeling of contributing to others lifestyle, and letting them figure out their love for movement and for Pilates too. She loves making her body stronger through different types of movements (not just Pilates) including aerial acrobatics and heels dance.

An avid solo traveller, Nicole loves backpacking across her favourite countries (no surprise, Italy is one of her favs) and is always up for a chat about any of her passions.

She's best known for saying "slay", all the time. And talking about food all the time.

When she's not in the studio, you'll find Nicole 

At home, reading books on her Kindle. Oh, and cooking! She blames her Singaporean/Malaysian background for her intense love for food and cooking.

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