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Challenge Time: 3 Reasons to Shake Up Your Workout Today

Challenge Time: 3 Reasons to Shake Up Your Workout Today

#1 – You could be sippin mojitos by a pool with one of three Insta-worthy getaways up for grabs.

But there’s some cool neuroscience behind why change is good for your brain, too.

We all like to win sometimes. And we especially like to win oh-so-lush poolside hols where decision-making is limited to whether the mojito should be shaken a lot or just a little.

Welcome to ‘A Change is as Good as a Holiday’ – complete 20 classes in 21 days and one of these epic wins could be yours.

Whether you’re 100 per cent reward driven (which is great) or you signed up to test how many classes you can punch out over the next few weeks (also great), you’re all in it to win it and we want to see you feeling healthy and having an amazing time as you connect with each other and our team.

With 13 class styles and 50 instructors over our five studios, we know you’ll find the right blend of burn on the days you’re feeling strong, and chill restorative practices when you need to lie down with an eye pillow and have everyone leave you alone, please and thank you.

Pat yourself on the back for stepping up to this Challenge. We’re proud of you too, which is why some other fancy prizes kick in along the way to keep things sweet as you reach 10, 15 and 20 class milestones.

Goodies aside, there are a couple of other compelling reasons to spice up your habits and try new classes.

#2 – You’re designed to adapt.

Just as you’d wind up understimulated with the same choreo week after week, your body needs to train in various ways to keep your muscles twitching right so you’re well-prepped to ride life’s big waves.

We’re the first to admit that changing things up is hard work for the brain.

Knowing you can depend on the same class each week to deliver what you need to maintain your health and fitness is comfortable. But living in maintenance mode can bring on a plateau. 

Enter, the fitness principle of variation.

Aleenta Training co-founder and head instructor Alicia Harvie says the pay-off to changing things up is that healthy and resilient nervous systems are those regularly exposed to new stressors. 

‘I think it’s amazing how quickly the body adapts,’ she says.

‘Little periods of stress and change and variability like our studio Challenges help your body cope with times when you have higher load or to recover from stress because life throws that at you anyway.

‘You wanna have a little bit more strength than you need.’ 

#3 – Thrive under pressure.

While resilience is your ability to recover, anti-fragility is a term coined for upping your ability to not just survive but to thrive under pressure. We’ll take both because life is wonderfully unpredictable.

You work on becoming anti-fragile when you deliberately overload muscle tissues with extra weights or resistance in Mat Pilates, drive your heart rate a little higher in a Circuit class, or hover longer at the edge of your comfort zone in our juicy Reformer Stretch.

Same deal on a headspace level when you experience the powerful uncertainty of walking into a new room to move with new people.

The next time you’re faced with something tough, edgy, or unknown you might be slightly more at ease. 

Move to feel good. Build your Change is as Good as a Holiday schedule around a lens that keeps you connected to your mind and body. Some ideas:

  • Balance intensity. Choose a variety of classes to keep yourself in tip-top shape.
  • Know your motivation. Get clear on your ‘why’ and stick it to the bathroom mirror.
  • Monthly cycle. Choose movement according to the phases of your cycle.
  • Pay attention to how you feel before and after each class and jot it down.
  • Healing an injury. Choose nourishing sessions, modify your movement in stronger class and trust in the healing process with patience (so hard, we know!).
  • Releasing tension. It’s all about that breath.

How ever you frame your Challenge, our studio classes offer plenty of opportunity to feel strong, enhance your body awareness, connect with your community and most importantly have fun while you’re at it!

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Fabulous article written by Ellie Crozier.