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Sól Stretch Weekends IN JULY

Sól Stretch Weekends IN JULY

Reformer.Stretch - Sól Stretch Weekends Playlist (July ONLY) 

Warm your body and soul with our Sól Stretch Weekends this July.

Find that long-forgotten feeling of sunshine with our warming, soulful stretch class - where myofascial release meets mindfulness. Like our regular stretch classes, this Reformer.Stretch will have an accompanying toasty playlist and a focus on creating heat from the inside out with dynamic and held stretches.

Relax your muscles like melted honey and let your breath fill your belly like warm tea; your body and soul will leave feeling stretched, massaged, and warm on these cold winter weekends.

Fitness Level: Perfect for Beginner to Advanced. If you're inflexible and/or spent many hours hunched over a desk, this is a great class to stretch those muscles.

Perfect for: Injuries, prevention, increasing mobility, greater range of motion, flexibility, relaxation.

This class requires a pair of grippy socks. You can BYO or purchase in-studio.


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