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When Will You See Results? Here’s What Aleenta Health Club Members Found

When Will You See Results? Here’s What Aleenta Health Club Members Found

Are you wanting to get started with barre, Pilates or Yoga but not sure where to start? Are you unsure which fitness style will give you the results you want? Overwhelmed by the copious amounts of science, statistics and articles after a quick google? 

Well look no further because at Aleenta Health Club we not only cover the scientific facts behind the results of a workout, but we have the members feedback and results to prove it too! We believe hearing from real women with different bodies, experience and workout routines is more interesting and reassuring than numbers on a page. So, here’s five results of consistently moving your body as experienced by a few of our Aleenta Health Club members:

Meet the members!

Danielle C

Danielle has been attending classes at Aleenta Health Club since early 2020 where she started on the “Reset. Renew Challenge”. She tries to attend as often as possible, usually 4-6 classes each week, and participates in all class styles. Her secret to regularly working out is…

“I love the variety and challenging different parts of my body and physical exercise mindset.”

Amanda C

Amanda has also been an Aleenta Health Club Member for around 2.5 years (she and Danielle often attend class together, a powerhouse mother-daughter duo!). She enjoys both barre and Pilates and taking 4-6 classes a week.

Karen H

One of our newer members at Aleenta Health Club, Karen has been attending classes for 3 months and usually comes 3 times a week.

Claudia K

Claudia has been an Aleenta Health Club member for 1.5 years, taking both barre and Pilates classes around 5 or 6 times each week. 

So, what results have our members seen?

1. Increase in overall strength



Whether it’s the bodyweight exercises of traditional barre and Pilates or the weight-training incorporated into Barre.Strong, all members noticed a significant increase in their strength once they got into a consistent workout routine.

“I definitely noticed an improvement in my ankle and leg strength thanks to a million pliés 👯‍♀” - Danielle C

“I have noticed an improvement in physical strength throughout my whole body. Each month… I saw and felt improvement.” - Amanda C

“After 6 months it’s easier to complete sets without stopping and you feel confident going up to a higher weight/resistance.” - Claudia K

2. Increase in core strength

Many of our classes incorporate abdominal work to strengthen your core muscles. Of course, all people and bodies are different so the timeframe of these results varies. Here’s what our members had to say:

“My core strength improved thanks to Pilates and reformer. [It took] 1 year to see my… core improvement.” - Danielle C 

“Due to having a back injury it took about 12 months to reach my level of fitness and core stability, that I have maintained.” - Amanda C

3. Increase in flexibility

Stretching is an important part of any workout, as it can help warm up your muscles prior to exercising and cool them down afterwards; we have several articles here on the blog about the importance of stretching! All classes at Aleenta Health Club incorporate some kind of stretching, but none more so than Yoga. Whether it be Yin or Flow, you are sure to see your mobility increase with a regular Yoga practice.

“My flexibility increases thanks to the yoga.” - Danielle C

“My balance and flexibility have both increased.” - Karen H


4. Increased endurance and stamina

By working out regularly, you are training your body and mind to adjust to the increased amount of movement. When you first start, the muscle soreness can be brutal, but we promise it is worth it! With a consistent practice, you will notice…

“Recovery time improves within 1-2 months, you no longer feel as sore the next day after class.” - Claudia K

5. Improved mood

So far we have talked about several physical outcomes of a consistent workout, however, exercise also provides significant benefits for your mental health too! These can be some of the quickest results you will notice after you start taking classes.

“Feeling generally better in myself, sleeping better.” - Karen H

“I’m excited to exercise because I know the class[es] are always different, fun and motivating; [noticed] almost immediately.” - Claudia K

Want to get in on these results? Try a class at Aleenta Health Club today! We have an exclusive intro offer for new clients.
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