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Tender Spotlight: Alicia

Tender Spotlight: Alicia
When we talk about veteran instructors, you can't get any more seasoned than Alicia... She was one of our very first instructors at Aleenta when we opened over 5 years ago! Alicia has her Diploma in Pilates Therapy, Bachelor of Arts with Theological Perspective and Bachelor of Dance, and has been part of the fitness industry for 13 years. 


When starting her dance degree, Alicia was the most uncoordinated person in the room, but was determined to improve. After nearly failing, she knew she had to totally change what she knew about exercise and how she moved. The dedication it took to master and align her body with precision, speed and flow gave her a greater attention to detail than other fitness professionals and dancers. The finer detail has become Alicia's speciality, hence, in 2015 she developed the Aleenta Training instructor course alongside her husband Dr Dan Harvie, who is a Physiotherapist, and continues to pass on her unique knowledge to up and coming instructors.



Clients can't get enough of Alicia's classes! Here's what Kylie had to say:


"I love [Alicia's] story, style and passion. [She] somehow manages to get the best out of all of us and I love her attention to detail; the smallest of corrections can make the biggest of differences. [Alicia] certainly knows [her] anatomy well, along with all [her] clients and their individual needs. [She] will forever be my smiling assassin, always and endlessly delivering killer moves to help sculpt our bodies."


You can find Alicia at the Glenelg and Rundle St studio locations. She is also leading instructor training courses in Barre, Mat and Reformer Pilates in Adelaide and Queensland in October and November, and multiple dates throughout 2023. 
Be sure to follow @aleentatraining on instagram so you can learn all the details behind being an instructor right from Alicia herself in daily posts, podcasts and more!


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