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Our First Franchisee Opening At Aleenta BARRE Mermaid Waters

We are extremely excited to have our first franchisee Alicia Harvey opening on the sunny Gold Coast at Mermaid Waters. Alicia started her barre career as a Barre Tender at our first Aleenta BARRE in Rundle Street, Adelaide. She is a perfectionist at heart with a strong motivation for proper technique and known for her knowledgable approach when teaching her students. 

Moving to the always sunny Gold Coast recently, Alicia has started her journey as an Aleenta BARRE Studio Partner opening it's first QLD studio at Mermaid Waters coming Spring 2016! 

We had a chat to Alicia to find out what makes her tick...

1. How did you find Barre? 
After living and working overseas with Second Attention Dance Company in The Netherlands I came back to Adelaide looking for something new after teaching pilates for a long time. I saw this gorgeous new studio opening in the city called Aleenta and they were teaching something called Barre.
2. What is your background? 
My background is as an artist with a main focus on contemporary dance and theatre making. I have two Bachelor degrees in Arts and Dance performance and a Diploma in Pilates Therapy. I exercise so that nothing holds me back when I dance and create movement.
3. Gold Coast or Adelaide?
Oh my gosh, Gold Coast is like living in a different country. I loved being an inner city Adelaide girl, riding my bike everywhere amongst the old brick character buildings, visiting family in the Barossa Valley and indulging in everything Fringe Festival but there is such a different vibe in the Gold Coast. The holiday vibe permeates the local life too. The sun comes up early and everyone exercises or surfs, has an acai bowl and then goes to work. Im surrounded by water views, the beaches yes but there are more canals like venice and amsterdam combined and I’ve made so many friends from all over the world because the travellers are everywhere. I do miss a city centre where there is a great cultural scene like Adelaide but I love how much the sunny weather makes me an outdoors person. I couldn’t choose.
4. What is barre by the beach? 
Barre by the Beach is just magical. We meet at 6:30am at Nobby’s beach as the sun is rising over the beach, the sun is still cool and we workout whilst watching everyone out surfing before work.


5. What are your fave barre exercises?
Grand plie in Second position. It looks and feels flexible and fancy whilst getting the burn. But then stretching straight after and looking through your legs at the rest of the class upside down is always fun.
6. What do your students know you for? 
I think I'm known for making sure I do/hold the exercises just that little bit longer or deeper than the strongest student in the class. Well, at least I try!!! But now that I write that, there were a few girls that gave me a big run for my money in Adelaide.
7. If you weren't at the barre, what would you be doing?
I’d be op shopping or scrolling for the most unusual and striking property for a fab price. I recently saw something amazing in Eudunda. Anyone wanting to move there you should check it out.

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