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Inspirational Australian Women: Candice Lester

Inspirational Australian Women: Candice Lester

I’m sure many of us can relate to the lockdowns of 2020 bringing out our creative sides! While some of us found ourselves knitting jumpers (anyone else only have one sleeve finished?), Candice found herself daydreaming of ways to bring the joy back to movement.

Enter Wild Mingo!

If you’ve ever rolled out your old yoga mat and felt less than enthusiastic about stepping onto to it, then Wild Mingo might be just the thing for you.

Combing her love of local artwork by Ashleigh Ben-Danan and a love of yoga, Candice was able to bring that spark of joy back to her practice in a way that her tired blue mat just never could.

We caught up with Candice and asked her all about Wild Mingo!

Candice Lester, from Wild Mingo

Where did the cute name come from?

I wanted something fun to say - that really embodies the brand.

Flamingos have always made me crack a smile so I thought what better way to bring that mischief into the business plus who doesn’t like to show their wild side now and then ;)

What have you found the most interesting part of running Wild Mingo?

The new and unexpected challenges - there is always something new to learn in running your own business. 

I Love making sure I understand the materials going in to create products just as much as I like figuring out how the Instagram algorithm works and coming up with new products to test and trial that are both functional and beautiful!

These bright, playful mats are also made with eco-conscious materials like recycled rubber and vegan microsuede that are easy to clean and long lasting (just wipe down or even pop it in the washing machine), so you’ll be gazing at these beauties for years to come.

Wild Mingo Mat back bend yogawild mingo mat quad stretch

What's your favourite pose?

Pigeon pose for sure! I know so many people hate it but the wonderful stretch it provides your hips and glutes is just the absolute BEST feeling!

What are your plans for Wild Mingo?

I am really keen to build a community of ‘mingo’s! I've been absolutely blown away by how many of you love colour and our mats - we’ve got some new designs in the works, a wonderful set of collaborations lined up and we are very close to releasing our new product range. 

Stay tuned for some of the best looking props you’ve ever seen before 2022 ends! 

Wild Mingo Yoga Mats

And fave mat?

That’s like choosing your favourite child! 

I love them all - each one is curated to buzz your mood - whether it’s energy you’re craving (grab a confetti or wild one) or needing a bit more zen (mystique, or dot), looking for a smile (joy or swell!)

Congratulations to the 5 members who received one of these vibrant mats for their involvement in the Move-ember challenge!

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