Barre Star and Ambassador: Kate Freebairn.

April 29, 2016 2 min read

Kate Freebairn is Aleenta BARRE’s first Brand Ambassador and the face of Adelaide Channel 10’s Weather. An Aleenta barre devotee we asked Kate to give us the skinny on all things Kate…

Are you from SA originally? 
I was born in Adelaide and love it here!

How did you get into journalism? 
I decided I wanted to be a news reporter when I was a teenager, so completed a journalism degree at UniSA. While I was in my final year of Uni I did lots of work experience, and was really lucky – I managed to score a freelance TV reporting job at Channel 7. I spent about a year there, before packing up all my things and making a big move to Broken Hill for a full time TV reporting job. It ended up being a great experience and helped me score my job at Network Ten!


How do you like to keep fit? 
I mix it up - I do about 3 barre classes a week, a run on the beach a few times a week, plus walks with friends too. I LOVE to exercise, especially first thing in the morning. The savasana at the end of a barre class is just the best way to start my day!


What do you like about Barre?
The spaces we get to work out in are so beautiful, The barre tenders are all so much fun, and they nail their music playlists! It’s just the best blend of fitness and relaxation.  My favourite classes are Barre Burn and Barre FIT. They’re amazing for toning, and the results come so quickly it makes it all worth the burn the day after! 

Where are your favourite places to shop in Adelaide?
Rundle Street and Burnside Village - Scanlan Theodore is my guilty pleasure.


Where are your favourite places to dine in Adelaide?
For dinner it’s Madame Hanoi and Gin Long Canteen. I’m a bit obsessed with Vietnamese food .. it’s so fresh and delicious I could actually eat it every day! My favourite spot for drinks is Mothervine on Rundle Street, and 2KW. For coffee it’s Penny University just around the corner from the Rundle Street studio. And my local weekend breakfast stop is Cream at Brighton.

What is the most difficult thing about being on television?
Being so open for critique! If I make a mistake - lots of people see it. But I’ve just learned to laugh it off.. it’s all you can do really!

What is the best thing about being on television?
Working with and meeting so many great people. I absolutely love my job and feel very lucky to say that I actually look forward to going to work on Mondays!


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