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21 Ways To Look After YOU This Christmas

21 Ways To Look After YOU This Christmas

I don’t know about you but I always get to this time of year and feel excited (you gotta love Christmas!) and simultaneously filled with trepidation for the silly season fast approaching. 

There’s really nothing better than spending time with my little ones and seeing the joy on their faces at the Christmas lights, pressies on Christmas Day or searching for elf on the shelf. 

But on the other hand, the shopping, parties and over-indulging can get, well, overwhelming. So we’ve put together 21 ways you can look after you this Christmas. 

  1. Take 5 minutes. Sit outside. Enjoy the sun and warmth on your face. Replenishing done.

  2. Get shopping early. Don’t leave it till the last minute. Remove the added stress of crowds and shipping delays

  3. Ask for help. I know you’re used to doing everything for everyone. But ask the kids to hang out the washing, your hubby to cook dinner one night, get the cleaner to come just before Christmas Day. You don’t have to do it all. Or is that just me?!

  4. Write a list of 10 things you’re grateful for in 2021. It was a challenging one, we get it. But gratitude breeds gratitude. The more you feel it, the more it grows.

  5. Buy yourself a treat. That’s it. (BTW – it’s scientifically proven that shopping does make you feel better. Just in case you were questioning this one!)

  6. Move your body at least 3x per week. Can’t get to class? Take a walk. Enjoy a livestream class from home. Keep moving. You. Will. Feel. Better.

  7. Watch a funny movie, skit, comedy. Laughter is seriously good for the soul.

  8. Be present. Each day make a conscious effort to be present at least once. When we’re busy it’s so easy to scoot through the day. Take time. Soak in the words of a song. Enjoy watching peppa pig with the kids. Truly listen to that very long story.

  9. Say no. It’s easy to get caught up in the celebrations and busy-ness of the season. But sometimes you just need to say no. You know when you need to!

  10. Go for a walk. Even if it’s just around the block. Take time out for you. Just you.

  11. Enjoy one of these fab new non-alcoholic drinks (check out Sans Drinks. A very cool non-alcoholic drinks superstore!) instead of the alcoholic ones. Your mind and body will thank-you.

  12. Our Studio Coordinator Carley, has an awesome take on buying Chrissy pressies. She gives:


Keeps it simple and easy! No more buying 50 pressies

  1. Did we say start early? Getting organised that is!

  2. If like me life is busy and cooking every night can be a chore (if you’re a queen in the kitchen I admire you!) – find a local caterer/café/restaurant that does home cooked meals. Its changed my life. And after I buy ingredients for meals each week it’s honestly pretty price comparable. Winner winner chicken dinner!

  3. If food’s your thing, find the thing that’s your chore. And make it easier. What can you do to make it easier? What’s an alternative?

  4. You know the 80/20 rule right?

The 80/20 rule, or the Pareto Principle as it’s also called, purports that 80% of the consequences (outputs) come from 20% of the causes (inputs).

According to Steve Surdez*, “This rule helps direct your time and resources towards things that “yield the best results with the most efficient effort possible”. The more focused the inputs, the better the outputs.”

So during this time when time is of the essence, what can you do to focus your time? Write yourself a list.

  1. Take a bath. A bath always helps. And add a bath bomb. True luxury and self-care right there.

  2. Do something for you. Whatever it may be. Just do it.

  3. Tell someone something that you love about them. It’s truly transformational. Without sounding to woo-woo. When you reach out to someone and tell them something lovely they’ve done for you or how you’ve inspired them. It makes you and them feel good. And we don’t do it enough.

  4. Look through some pics of your peeps. It will put a smile on your dial.

  5. And deep breaths when it’s busy. In. And out. Feel better?



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