Feel As fresh as a daisy with our spring clean challenge!

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Challenge T & C's

1) To participate you must sign-up in Studio or online to the Spring Clean Challenge.

2) It is FREE for Unlimited Members and $5 for everyone else.

3) Playing cards will be hung on the wall at your home studio prior to the 16 September. Each class you attend will be marked off/witnessed by the Tender taking that class. If you attend a class(es) at another studio, show the Tender your classes at the other Studio and they will add them to your playing card.

4) You will receive your Growth Reward after completing 10 Classes and your Full Bloom Reward after completing 20 Classes. Pick it up from your Home Studio.

5) Rewards cannot be swapped and are not-transferable.

6) Members are entitled to $12 additional classes during the Challenge.