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Aleenta Health Club Bali Retreat Terms and Conditions

1. Booking and Payment:

1.1. By booking the Aleenta Health Club Bali Retreat, participants agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions outlined herein. These Terms and Conditions supersede any verbal agreements with Aleenta Health Club staff.

1.2. A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required upon booking to secure a place on the retreat.

1.3. A minimum payment of 50% of the total remaining balance is due 90 days prior to the Retreat, which is 15 June 2024.

1.4. Full payment must be completed by 15 July 2024, which is 60 days prior to the commencement of the retreat.

1.5. Failure to complete payment by these dates may result in cancellation of participant’s booking and forfeiture of any payments already made.

2. Inclusions:

2.1. The Aleenta Retreat cost includes accommodation, classes, meals, and activities as outlined in your booking.

2.2. Exclusions from the Retreat cost include insurance, taxes, airport transfers, airfares, or any additional travel costs beyond the specified inclusions. Participants are responsible for organising and covering these expenses.

3. Guest Cancellation Policy:

3.1. The $500 deposit is non-refundable under all circumstances.

3.2. Cancellation terms are as follows:

  • Cancellation 90 days or more before the Retreat results in a full refund of payments made, excluding the non-refundable deposit.
  • Cancellation between 61-90 days before the Retreat incurs a forfeiture of 50% of all payments, excluding the non-refundable deposit.
  • Cancellations within 60 days of the retreat start date result in forfeiture of the full payment.

Due to our Retreat commitments, Aleenta Health Club cannot provide any additional refunds beyond those outlined above.

4. Aleenta Health Club Cancellation Policy:

4.1. Aleenta Health Club reserves the right to cancel the Retreat if the minimum quota of participants is not reached 60 days before the commencement date. In this instance, a full refund will be provided.

5. Health and Fitness Requirements:

5.1. Participants must be in good health and physical condition to undertake the activities offered during the retreat.

5.2. Participants with any pre-existing medical conditions, injuries, or allergies must inform Aleenta Health Club in advance via the booking form. Participants are wholly responsible for their own health, safety and wellbeing at all times during the retreat, including during all activities. Participants are free to stop or decline participating in any activity at any time for any reason. 

5.3 It is the responsibility of the participant to consult with a medical professional prior to attending the retreat to ensure their suitability for participation.

6. Travel Arrangements:

6.1. Participants are responsible for arranging their flights and transportation to and from the retreat location.

6.2. Valid passports, visas, and any necessary permits must be obtained to meet immigration requirements.

6.3 It is the participant’s responsibility to organise and pay for travel to and from the Retreat and ensure they have a valid passport, visa and entry permit as is required by the Indonesian Department of Immigration.

6.4 Any fines, penalties, or expenses resulting from failure to arrange the aforementioned travel arrangements are the sole responsibility of the participant. Aleenta Health Club is not liable for travel delays, cancellations, or disruptions.

7. Accommodation and Meals:

7.1. Accommodation, specified meals, and non-alcoholic beverages during breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included.

7.2. Any additional food or alcoholic beverages consumed outside of the specified meals are at the participant's expense.

7.3. Special dietary requirements must be communicated upon booking.

8. Conduct:

8.1. Participants must behave respectfully towards others and the local community.

8.2. Disruptive behavior may result in expulsion from the retreat without refund.

9. Liability:

9.1. Participants acknowledge that participating in physical activities carries inherent risks, and agree to release Aleenta Health Club and its staff from liability for any injury, loss, or damage incurred during the retreat.

9.2. Participants are advised to obtain comprehensive insurance coverage for any unforeseen circumstances including travel delays or cancellation, medical coverage and any natural event.

10. Changes to Itinerary:

10.1. Aleenta Health Club may modify the itinerary, activities, or accommodation arrangements due to unforeseen circumstances.

11. Privacy, Photography and Marketing:

11.1. Participants acknowledge and irrevocably consent to the use of their photographs or videos for marketing and promotional purposes by Aleenta Health Club without payment or attribution on social media.

11.2 By booking, participants acknowledge the collection, use, and disclosure of their personal information for service provision purposes (including to our third party service providers)

12. Governing Law:

12.1. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of South Australia, and any disputes shall be subject to the jurisdiction of South Australian courts.

13. Force Majeure:

Aleenta Health Club performance under these terms and conditions are subject to acts of god, war, government regulations, disaster, civil disorder, strike or other industrial dispute and any other circumstances which are beyond our reasonable control and which we deem (in our sole discretion) render the performance of our obligations uneconomic, impractical, impossible or illegal (‘Force Majeure Circumstance’). At any time during or after a Force Majeure Circumstance we may (in our sole discretion) elect to terminate this agreement by notice to you and refund any amounts paid by you, less our reasonable costs and expenses incurred in respect of your booking which we cannot reasonably recover.

14. Severability:

If any provision of these terms is deemed invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain in force.

15. Variation:

We reserve the right to make reasonable variations to these terms and conditions.

16. Travel Advice:

For up-to-date travel advice, participants should consult the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website or visit their website at www.smarttraveller.gov.au

By booking the Aleenta Health Club Bali Retreat, participants acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions.