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Student Clinic

Shaping Tomorrow's Pilates Teachers 

Running five epic studios is only half the Aleenta story.

Sparkly, knowledgeable and strong leaders don’t grow on trees – to become a qualified Pilates teacher, you have to study (hard), and the most amazing professionals bloom through our nationally-accredited, rigorous Pilates teacher outfit, Aleenta Training. 

Look, we don’t do pretend modesty.

Led by expert teacher and former dancer, Alicia Harvie, and physiotherapist and academic, Dr Daniel Harvie, Aleenta Training lays strong foundations for aspiring teachers to build on as they explore their unique voice and style.

We bring you these classes to align two values that make us feel all warm and fuzzy: providing a safe space for the next generation of teachers to excel while making our Pilates timetable ultra-accessible for our Aleenta members and the wider community.

You can be part of the process.

To become the cream, Aleenta Training’s boss budding teachers need to practice consolidating their skills. 

This year we level up our support for the completion of their prac-teaching hours (required to become registered with governing body AUSActive) so they have a safe & realistic space to deliver real classes for real clients.

This means you, get more full-body workouts to choose from each week – and you help to shape our trainees’ experience of studio-based teaching by providing them with a variety of body shapes and abilities that they need to navigate as they deliver the class.

More classes, less expense, and helping our students become amazing professionals?

Win. Win. We thinks!

Booking Student Clinic Classes.

Bookings are essential, as with all classes. You also need to bring your grippy socks, please (newbies: these can be purchased in-studio if you don’t already have them in your life). 

You can book via our Magill Rd studio schedule BELOW and then select to pay between $5 and $10, and confirm your booking. Voilà.

Members, please note: Our regular membership and fee structure does not apply to Student Clinic classes and we appreciate your support for this flexible payment model, which allows us to provide training to students and affordable Pilates to all! 

What to expect in Student Clinic classes.

These workouts depart from our signature class styles, as Aleenta Training students explore their unique voice and flow, and learn how to teach modifications for your specific needs (injury rehabilitation, aches and pains, etc).

You're guaranteed a strong and balanced whole-body workout, focused on strengthening your abdominal core, glutes, legs and arms, from a teacher who brings the vibe, cares about you as an individual, and leaves you feeling happier than when you walked in!

There may be a few light-hearted chats in class, and you can expect to workshop some movements as your teacher explores different cues, which gives you the chance to refine your technique and expand your endurance. 

Please note: these classes aren’t suitable for clients who are pregnant, newly returning to movement postnatally, or have significant movement limitations/injury rehabilitation requirements. If this is you, please get in touch with our beautiful community happiness coordinators at hello@aleenta.club to find out which classes best suit your season.

Let's get started!

Head to the timetable below and book into class!

If you've never come to Aleenta before you'll be asked to set up an account before you can confirm your booking, but don't worry, it's a quick and easy process, just follow the prompts.

And hey, to make things even easier for future bookings and class management, download the Aleenta Health Club App. Just sign in with your brand new account and you're good to go! Happy booking!

Student Clinic schedule


Student Clinic begins the week of Monday 20 May 2024. Just click on the date below to see classes!

Reformer class will run upstairs, and mat Pilates downstairs, simultaneously. All classes are 45 mins.

Thursdays – 7am mat & reformer

Fridays – 4pm mat & reformer

Saturdays – 1pm | 2pm | 3pm mat & reformer

Sundays – 1pm | 2pm | 3pm  mat & reformer