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The Meditation House - Jason
And Disconnect...
On arrival you will meet Jason McGrice from  The Meditation House from who will lead us through a meditation to help us connect and set our intention for the day. Jason helps men and women connect to their bodies, rediscover the power of their breath and find peace in beautiful meditation and healing practices.

Jason is a down to earth guy who has created a community inspired by connection and a deep understanding of the profound benefits of meditation and mindfulness. A lover of zen and a landscaper by trade, Jason enjoys the yin and yang in life.

Jason’s unique approach has inspired a movement, with his meditation single ‘Morning Ritual’  skyrocketing into the top 10 on the popular meditation app ‘Insight Timer’ and enjoyed by over 2.5 million listeners waking up to his energy, every single morning. To experience Jason's meditations, head here 
Now with over 15 years’ experience, he has experimented with the power of universal energy and has passionately honed his skills to serve as a true light worker.
Remedy Bliss - Gut Health
Gut Health & Coconut Kefir Masterclass
Remedy Bliss is a passionate and engaging advocate for gut-health and fermented and raw foods.  

Studying and working with raw food chefs in the USA, Remedy came home to Adelaide to teach and share her love and passion for raw food and gut health. For more than a decade, Remedy has enthralled Adelaideans and beyond with her knowledge and lively demonstrations and workshops.

Remedy will introduce us to Fermentation and the benefits for gut health which she refers to as the 'gut garden'. In this Masterclass she will explain how to create Coconut KEFIR and the different strains of friendly yeast and bacteria used to ferment this beverage.  She swears that in all the thousands of people she has taught there has not been one who wasn't able to find a flavour they enjoyed whether it was plain, ginger, turmeric or passionfruit (and the list goes on).

According to Remedy " KEFIR is without a doubt the easiest & quickest ferment to make, so a great place to begin fermenting adventures. You also have the option of using fresh coconuts (which takes a little more time) or carton coconut water (for convenience). During the class we cover both and taste both options".

We can't wait :)
Mariah - Yin and Pin
Yin And Pin
Yin and Pin offers a taste of Yin Yoga and the ancient healing of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Both are tools to bring balance. Yin Yoga works the yin tissues of the body, such as the deep fascial networks, ligaments, joints and even bones. This 50-minute class focuses on the breath, meditation and holding postures to release tension.  You will then experience an extended (30 minute) savasana where Dr Daniel D’Cruz from SA Integrated Therapies will apply acupuncture to the already activated meridian lines from the class. This class will be deeply nourishing and rewarding, leaving you in a state of ultimate relaxation.

Acupuncture spaces are limited to the first 10 people. Or if acupuncture is not your thing, you can choose to enjoy the guided meditation and/or a mini scalp and neck massage.

Either way - you will leave feeling blissful and relaxed.