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Tender Spotlight: Penelope

Tender Spotlight: Penelope
Highly versatile, deeply passionate, engaging, unique and uniquely adaptable, Penelope continues to enjoy exploring the many pathways and opportunities in Dance as a performer, choreographer, teacher, events coordinator, and now Reformer Pilates Instructor! Completing her B.A. Dance studies at the prestigious Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Penelope began honing her skills soon after graduation, initially with Contemporary dance company Bare Bones Dance Collective and later 3_Deep Dance Collective, Fresh Fools crew and Clubhouse L.A. A well-travelled and worldly Dancer, Penelope has continued to push outwards both interstate and overseas within Europe, the UK, Asia & America to skills build, teach and perform with some of the best in the business. With over 12 years professional experience within the Australian and International entertainment industry, Penelope has worked with artists and companies including: Sean Paul, Nelly, Mya, Deni Hines, DVBBS, Andre Fuentes, Yanis Marshall, Gary Stewart and Australian Dance Theatre, Philippine Allstars, Sony, UNICEF, the KFC T20 Big Bash League, AFL, the Boys & Girls Club of America, Tiff Manuell and the Mercedes Benz Adelaide Fashion Festival, Vogue Australia and Benefit Cosmetics.


Described recently by internationally renowned Hip Hop dance icon Bboy PoeOne, Penelope is "a confident, passionate, hungry and dignified dancer and teacher determined to realise her goals... Penelope applies what she learns, and she shares it... Penelope brings an energy that inspires others to believe that they too can reach their goals."



In addition to her ongoing performance work, Penelope has recently added a Certificate IV in Pilates to her skills base. She describes her classes at Aleenta as "bun-kneading and dough shaping [with] cheeky laughs until ALL your cheeks hurt!" 🥵🍑 Her many years experience of teaching dance and movement to a really broad range of students across disciplines makes her confident that she sees when people are ready for that next push and she loves helping a person troubleshoot niggles or get to that next level of physicality. here's what our clients have to say about her classes:


"Penelope is the bomb. Her classes are so fun!!" - Lesley M


Penelope says "Like mastering anything, Pilates is a real onion of a movement practice – lots of layers [and] sometimes it’ll make you want to cry!" 🤣 If you want to explore Pilates and peel back those layers, you can join Penelope for Reformer classes at the Rundle St Studio on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


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