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Tender Spotlight: Annie

Tender Spotlight: Annie
Another Yogi in the Aleenta family, Annie is lovingly known as our 'peaceful practitioner'. With her kind and gentle nature, and a focus on finding presence, calm and balance, Annie's classes are perfect to soothe the soul. She is a registered and certified yoga teacher in Restorative, Yin and Purna (balanced) styles and has been practicing yoga since she was introduced to it at the age of 7. Since joining the club, Annie has quickly become many client's favourite:


"I look forward to Annie’s Sunday afternoon yoga class every week. Her informative and gentle teaching style is calming and I’ve even brought my friends along (and they’ve become regulars [too].)" - Christina D


" Annie's class without fail, leave me feeling both relaxed and high on life!" - Claire A


"I love Annies classes. She is teaching me more than Yoga moves - I am learning so much more about the mindset." - Wendy A


Annie loves that yoga is a multifaceted practice that offers space to be present in your body. She enjoys calming the mind and creating space and escaping the stresses of everyday life while also gaining strength and mobility.


In addition to fitness and health, Annie also boasts an impressive list of qualifications in curation, with a Masters in Curatorial Studies, a Post-Grad in Art History and an Undergraduate in Art Theory and English Literature!



Annie works hard to create a space that is accessible to all body types and fitness levels and enjoys providing a safe, nurturing place for people to unwind and reconnect. You can find her on at the new Magill Road location and Mawson Lakes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays.


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