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Pilates Exercises that Target Weight Loss

Pilates Exercises that Target Weight Loss

Spoiler alert: It doesn’t work like that! Keep reading so we can set the record straight. 

You may often hear or see information surrounding weight loss such as calorie deficits and fad diets like keto or intermittent fasting; don’t fall for misinformation!

It’s important to note that simply doing specific exercises won’t automatically make you lose weight. Our bodies are complex and require not only fitness to reduce fat or build muscle, but nutrition too. Muscle cannot be built without the necessary proteins, so be sure you are getting enough in your diet to support any strength work you are doing. Consulting with a professional nutritionist can be a great way to ensure the fuel you are putting into your body aligns with your fitness goals and routine, without turning to dangerous and unguided tactics.

If weight loss is one of your fitness goals, don’t look past the benefits of resistance training in favour of higher-impact cardio. We’ve previously covered the science behind resistance and weight training contributing to fat reduction, and why weight training doesn’t equal muscle bulk. A great way to support a weight loss journey (and your cardiovascular/musculoskeletal health) is to incorporate other fitness styles and training into your routine. Complementing weight training exercises with some cardio will further increase your metabolic rate, leading to faster breakdown of fats stored in your body. If you want to read more of the science behind how cardio, specifically HIIT, achieves this, read our blog on short yet effective workouts! We even have the perfect combo class for this at Aleenta Health Club called Reformer Blast where Pilates resistance training and HIIT-style cardio come together on the Reformer for a challenging yet rewarding workout. 

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