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Barre Stars: Cheryl

Barre Stars: Cheryl

2021 was a year full of the unexpected. From lockdowns and livestreams to Reformer Pilates and more, it sure had its ups and downs. Taking a moment to focus on the good, we'd love to congratulate long-time member Cheryl on attending the most classes in that whirlwind of a year! Want to learn how she did it? So did we! So we sat down with Cheryl to discover (and share) her secrets to success.


Tell us about yourself!

I am an Electrical engineer working for a High voltage transmission company (ElectraNet). More of an office-based job working on electricity network outages planning and looking after network security to keep the lights on in simple terms. I like outdoor (diving, cycling, hiking, swimming) and indoor (Barre of course) exercises to keep myself active and healthy. I also like watching movies, eating good food and drinks... and I missed traveling.



What originally brought you to Aleenta and how long have you been a member?

A friend introduced me to the unlimited intro offer in March 2018. So, 4 years!

How do you stay motivated to continue coming to classes? (For many peeps over time they lose motivation!)

I love the tenders- so caring, gentle, and motivating; the routine - always changing and challenging, like a little community which you don't find in a normal gym. The members some of us has become good friends help to motivate each other to classes and we love the barre challenge every now and then; also, the workshops that keep everybody felt engaged and wanted to compete for the little prizes as well.


What changes have you seen mentally and physically?

Obviously mentally I felt more focus at my daily life and physically fit – no more back pain, shoulder ache etc. as I sit down a lot at work.


What is your favourite class? Why?

My favourite class is FIT; However, I do a mixture of them blend, burn, yoga and reformer just to work on the different group of muscles.  I love FIT for the cardio and high burn rate to lose weight then I love burn and blend to tone my body. I used to have ugly legs and pear shape body. Now I am confident to wear shorts and mini skirt.


You've completed almost 1700 classes with Aleenta. We think that may well be a record... how do you do it?

I guess I always know what I want to achieve in life. Women can stay pretty and fit even when they get older. No pain no gain!


Lightning round!

Fave move? Grand plié.

Fave Studio? Mawson Lakes - love the spacing and lighting.

Fave Instructor (We know, a tough one!) - Sarah B. So gentle, pretty even after classes with sweat, so knowledgeable….


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