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Aleenta (Ah-len-tah) is not just a fitness Studio. It’s your home away from home.

Aleenta (Ah-len-tah) is not just a fitness Studio. It’s your home away from home.



Aleenta (Ah-len-tah) is not just a fitness Studio. It’s your home away from home. Guided by experienced instructors motivating and challenging you, you have fifty (perfect) minutes to focus on just you.

Move your body to upbeat playlists with specially crafted fitness routines in bright and airy studios. Experience the most-effective and efficient full body, strengthening, toning and mindful workouts - quickly seeing results for your body, mind and soul.

The Aleenta Pillars.

The Reason We Do What We Do.

(Fun)ctional Fitness

This two in one pillar means we’re focused on creating workouts with two key goals, they’re fun and they work


While we’re not strictly female only, our focus is on women’s fitness. We’re always learning more about how fitness differs for women, and how we can apply that in our classes…

Feeling Good

From your first step in-studio to your first step out, we want you to feel great about what you’re doing, knowing you're on your way to achieving your fitness goals...

For Real

No photoshop, fake smiles or over the top ‘energy’ here. Everyone has their own journey, so, no matter where you’re starting, we’ll be the ones to get you where you’re going!...

Let's Get Ready For Class!

First up, grab yourself an Intro Pass with 7-Days of Unlimited Classes for $40. We'll then add this to your account within 24hrs. The easiest way to book is via our Aleenta BARRE App.

Signature classes Barre BURN or Barre BLEND are perfect for first timers. Make sure you are hydrated and properly fuelled for your first workout. Please wear comfortable activewear and bring a yoga mat, grippy socks, water and a sweat towel. You can BYO, pre-purchase here or purchase at the Studio

We recommend you arrive 10 mins before your first class to check-in, be shown around the studio and chat with your Barre Tender. Let them know if you have any questions or injuries they should be aware of.

Guided by our highly-trained Instructors, Aleenta features 5 group class styles to tone, improve strength, mobility and flexibility.