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We’re upgrading our class booking software.

We're super excited to move to Momence and we're here to help you during the transition.

We’re upgrading our class booking software.

We're super excited to move to Momence and we're here to help you during the transition.

The first thing you need to know is the 2 Steps (yep, only two) to set up your Momence account.

Once you log in to the new Aleenta app all your existing booked classes, memberships/subscriptions and passes will be there (yay!).

The only catch is you have to use the SAME EMAIL as your original Aleenta Health Club mindbody account.

(Not sure what email you used? Head to the Mindbody Aleenta app and check your profile or email
us hello@aleenta.club .)

OK! Let's Get Set Up!

Step 1

RESET YOUR PASSWORD using the email address attached to your mindbody Aleenta Health Club account. Reset your password here > https://momence.com/forgot-password

It's important that you DO NOT create a new account.

Step 2

DOWNLOAD THE NEW APP ‘Aleenta Health Club App’ (NOT Aleenta Health Club) and login using your email and newly created password.

Booking & Cancelling Classes

The new Aleenta Health Club App makes it super easy to book and cancel your classes. You'll notice some 'language' is different. For example, a Membership is called a 'Subscription'. We outline these differences in the FAQ below.

What we Love about the new system...


> Simply select your location with dedicated filters or see all locations!

> You can join our new livestreamed classes with one tap from the app (from Monday 28/8)!

> Super easy booking with your own selection of which Membership (Subscription) or Pass to allocate.

> Waitlists with automatic minimum 1-hour notification via both SMS and email when a spot opens. No need to confirm - but you need to cancel if your plans have changed.

Your Questions Answered.

How do I book classes?

All bookings are self-managed via the App or Website. We do not take bookings via phone, sms, email or in-studio. You are able to book up to 3 months in advance.

Download the APPLE app HERE - https://apple.co/3NREjQH

OR ANDROID HERE - https://bit.ly/DdAppGooglePlay

Will my login change?

You will use your existing email address, but will need to reset your password following the 2-steps above.

Will my existing bookings be migrated?

Yes! All existing bookings made in Mindbody up until August 22 will be transferred automatically to our new booking system Momence.

Why is my regular payment a few cents more or less than before?

Our new payment provider ‘Stripe’ has slightly different charges. Here are the bank fees. Credit Card 2.75% + A$0.30 for Mastercard, Visa, and AMEX and BECS (Direct Debit) 2% + A$0.30

Why is my Membership now called a Subscription?

Memberships in Momence are called 'Subscriptions'. So you'll see moving forward that we refer to your 'Membership' as a subscription.

How do I know Aleenta Terms and Conditions?

There are a few changes to processes with Momence. Head here to read through our Terms and Conditions.


I have a Membership subscription but can't book classes?

Are you logged in to your account with the same email as your previous Mindbody account?

Is your payment method current and your Subscription active?

It's not recognising my email address?

If you are unsure what your original email was when you first joined or you need to double check, then please email us at hello@aleenta.club.

The app is not showing all classes.

Under ‘schedule’ tap the filter icon and tap ‘clear all’. Now all sessions will display. Alternatively use the filter to see only a specific location or instructor.