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Ash Testimonial

Ash King, Mawson Lakes

I first heard about Aleenta BARRE via Facebook. My friend tagged me in it and we went along and signed up right then and there - I loved it. I was pretty scared of gyms, Aleenta is the first thing I had ever done and I have stuck around for years and I can’t imagine going anywhere else. There’s no judgement, everyone is friendly and kind, the Tenders care, they’re compassionate and easy to talk to. I feel a lot healthier – mind, body and soul.


Tricia Testimonial

Tricia Lynch, Burnside Village

This is the only form of exercise I don't need motivation to do! It's a hard workout, but the Tenders are amazing. I love coming to a class as it instantly makes me happy and I walk out feeling great. I have injured my wrist and usually I would use this as a reason not to do any exercise but the Tenders modify the routine so it's safe for me to do.. Can't rave about this anymore as I am no addicted to Barre!!! Thanks you so much.


Antonia Testimonial

Antonia Malavazos, Glenelg

I've been an Aleenta BARRE Member for over 2 years and I'm addicted! Not only do I feel so much stronger and toned, I have also felt myself improve in technique and endurance. With each series of classes presenting new challenges, it never gets boring! If you're looking for a fun, no fuss workout for your arms, abs, legs and glutes. I recommend Aleenta BARRE.